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 1.  TITLE

The organisation shall be known as the PILOTE OWNERS ASSOCIATION


The formal interpretation of words used in this document is to be as follows:-

a) The word ASSOCIATION will mean the Pilote Owners Association.

b) The word COMMITTEE will mean the Committee of the Association.

c) The term FULL MEMBER will mean the authorised user of the Pilote Motorhome and named family members i.e. those resident within the household. For the purpose of qualification a Pilote motorhome is defined as a motorhome manufactured by Pilote S.A. , GP SAS. or any of the former motorhome manufacturing companies that have been acquired by Pilote and now form part to the Pilote group of companies.

Marques currently classed as part of GP SAS are Pilote, Le Voyageur, Moovéo , CityVan , Bavaria, Frankia and RMB.

d) The term ASSOCIATE MEMBER describes a former full member of the Pilote Owners Association who has met the qualifying conditions set out in paragraph 4 a ii)

e) The word DEALER will mean any company or organisation authorised by the importer or manufacturer to sell motorhomes manufactured whole or in part by Pilote S.A. and bearing livery that may, from time to time, be introduced under the Pilote marque.


The Objects of the Association are as follows:

a) To promote the proud ownership of Pilote motorhomes.

b) To assist and liaise with all Pilote dealers and to support dealers at motorcaravan shows around the country.

c) To publish at regular intervals a newsletter with information to members on all aspects of suitable interest.

d) To foster friendship and collaboration between all Pilote owners and dealers.

e) To provide members with discounted goods and services where possible by negotiation with the motorcaravan industry and allied trades.

f) To organise rallies and meets.


The Pilote Owners Association is committed to treating all members equally and with respect and membership shall not be denied to any person on the grounds of race, sex, religion, marital status, age, nationality or disability.

a i) FULL MEMBERSHIP of the Association is open only to owners of Pilote motorhomes, and will automatically cease on change of marque, no refund will be given.

a ii) A current full member of the Pilote Owners Association of at least two years continuous standing can, on immediate change of marque, apply to become an ASSOCIATE MEMBER of the Pilote Owners Association.  An application form must be completed and this application must be proposed and seconded by a full member of the Pilote Owners Association.  All applications will be considered by the committee.

An associate member will continue to receive the Diary of Events and newsletters and can book for any guest rally and those specified for associate members in the Diary of Events.

If an associate member again changes marque at some future date, an application must be made for continuation of Associate Membership. The Committee has the right to refuse re-admission.

a iii) A member of the association who has disposed of his/her motorhome and can no longer rally can apply to become a Retired Member of the Pilote Owners Association.  The full membership fee will be payable and the retired member will continue to receive the Diary of Events and Newsletter. 

b) Membership of the association is subject to payment of an annual subscription payable in advance and agreed by those members present at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Membership will run for 12 months from 1st November to 31st October.

c) Nominations for President and Vice President will be recommended by the committee for agreement by the members at an AGM.

d) The committee will have the power to call before them any member considered to be responsible for conduct detrimental to the interests and status of the Association and, subject to the right of appeal to the members present at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), will have the power to expel such member from the association. In the event of such disciplinary action, a full committee meeting shall be convened at which not less than two thirds of the committee shall be present.

e) All current members over the age of 18 may attend the AGM, only Full Members have the right to vote.


Each member shall notify the Membership Secretary of their current email and postal address for the time being and any changes thereto. All notices and correspondence will be sent by email or posted by second class mail in accordance with the members stated preference. Where correspondence is sent by second class post to such an address it shall be considered as duly delivered seven to ten working days following the day of posting.

The following information will be securely held on a computer data file, conforms to current legislation and will be made available for inspection by any current member.

When necessary the data will be made available to the Association’s Officers, Committee Members and Rally Organisers. With those specific exceptions, no details will be disclosed to third parties without the express consent of the members concerned.

a) Membership number;

b) Name(s) and address;

c) Telephone number(s) and email address.

d) Date of joining;

e) Current subscription paid/unpaid;

f) Model and registration number of vehicle.


The Officers of the Association will comprise the following: - Chairman; Vice Chairman; Honorary Secretary; Honorary Treasurer and any other officers appointed and deemed necessary to carry out the duties of the Association.


a) The management of the association will be vested in a committee consisting of the officers, the immediate past chairman, and not more than 10 other members. All officers and committee members will be elected for two consecutive years at the AGM reckoning from one AGM to another. The chairman and vice chairman will hold office and serve for one year reckoned from one AGM to another. In the event of a vacancy occurring the committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy until the next AGM.

b) An independent Honorary Auditor, who shall not be a member of the committee or hold office in the association will be appointed at the AGM

c) At committee meetings a simple majority of not less than five committee members personally present shall form a quorum. In the event of a quorum not being available the meeting will be abandoned. Any contentious issue(s) must be notified by phone or email to all committee members prior to the meeting.

d) Prior to the AGM a list of the remaining committee members and a list of retiring committee members willing to stand for re-election shall be published (retiring committee members may stand for re-election). Further nominations may (with the consent of the nominee) be made by any two members of the association in writing to be received by the honorary secretary twenty eight days prior to the AGM. In the event of a contest, voting will be made by a show of hands, or a paper ballot by members present at the AGM. Any nominee for committee shall have been a member of the association for at least one year prior to the meeting.  Both retiring and remaining committee members will all remain eligible for nominations as officers of the association.


a) Meetings of the committee will be convened by the chairman, however in exceptional circumstances a meeting may be convened by any officer of the Association. Committee meetings will take place at suitable intervals throughout the year, advised by formal notice. Such notice to be sent to each committee member at least fourteen days prior to such meeting, detailing the venue, date and time together with an agenda listing the topics for business and discussion.

b) Minutes of each meeting will be taken by an approved officer and circulated to committee members with the formal notice convening the next meeting.

c) The chairman or his appointed deputy will conduct the meeting in a formal manner and will ensure that all decisions and resolutions are minuted for association records. All such agreements will be made by a show of hands. The chairman will have a second or casting vote.

d) The minutes of each and every committee meeting will be carefully filed and retained by the honorary secretary. These minutes will constitute a formal record of association business and will be made available for inspection by any member.


a) An ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING shall be held each financial year at a venue to be announced in the formal notice convening the meeting.

b) An EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING may be convened at any time by the committee and shall be called by the secretary within 30 days of the receipt of a requisition to that effect and duly endorsed by any 20 members entitled to vote thereat. At least 14 days notice shall be given of every extraordinary general meeting, which shall be competent to deal only with the business for which it has been called, such business to be clearly specified on every notice.

c) At all general meetings every question (unless otherwise expressly provided for by these rules and constitution) shall be decided by a majority of votes. Every member present shall have one vote and in the case of equal voting, the chairman will have a second or casting vote. In the case of AGM’s 25 members personally present will form a quorum.


The financial year will commence on the 1st of November. Prior to the AGM, the records and accounts of the association will be presented for audit by the honorary auditor who may inspect the said records and accounts at any time. The audited accounts will be presented for approval at each Annual General Meeting.

The assets and funds of the association will be vested in the committee for the time being. The committee may from time to time appoint trustees in who shall be vested such part or parts of the assets or funds of the association as the committee shall approve and direct

In the event of the association ceasing to exist, the funds and assets of the association shall be transferred to an independent person acting as administrator and appointed by the retiring committee to be held for the disposal and benefit of a nominated charity and only after payment of all costs, expenses and debts legally incurred by the association.

The committee shall have the authority to decide the conduct for signing authority for the association bank account.


a) Any Committee member may ask to see proof of Membership.

b) Unless stated otherwise, rallies are open to members of the association only. Guests staying in a members van are allowed (for whom the said member is responsible). Members’ and guests’ cars to be placed where specified by the rally organiser or marshal.

When holding rallies under the associations Exemption Certificate, only members of the Pilote Owners Association may attend and such rallies will be limited to a maximum of 5 days.

c) Not less than 3 metres should be permitted between motorhomes in any circumstances and a distance of 6 metres between motorhomes is strongly recommended to meet both privacy and safety requirements.

d) The Pilote Owners Association will comply with the “Model Code of Conduct” as recommended by DEFRA and will automatically adopt any future amendments by DEFRA or its successors. The Code of Conduct will be issued to each member of the Association.


These rules may only be altered by a resolution passed by not less than two thirds of the members present and voting personally thereon at a general meeting called for that purpose. The notice convening such meeting shall state the proposed amendments.


The Members of the Committee shall not be liable (otherwise as Members) for any loss suffered by the Association as the result of the discharge of their respective duties on its behalf, except such loss as arises from their wilful default, and they shall be entitled to an indemnity out of the assets of the Association for all expenses and other liabilities incurred by them in the discharge of their duties.


The committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules and constitution.

Revised edition Dec 2019



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