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Pilote Changes for 2022
The Essentiel and Sensation specification levels have been removed.
The high specification fully equipped  Évidence range is retained and gains one new layout the rear lounge P696U.
This new P696U is available in both the well-equipped Évidence range, as well as a more configurable Expression.
The P626D Évidence is a new, compact Fiat Ducato-based low-profile coachbuilt with a luxurious front lounge
with drop-down double bed above and a rear kitchen and washroom.

Le Voyageur 2022
The Le Voyageur 2022 range offers the all-new Mercedes-based Héritage A-class.
This luxurious 2022 flagship, which features a twin single bed layout, is packed with extras and equipment befitting a flagship motorhome.
The Iveco-based Signature and flagship Liner models are being dropped from the range.
Association Officers email Addresses
The new website hosting allows the Association to set up fixed email addresses  for the individual officers. This means that in future when the holder of an office changes there will be no need to update any literature,  letterheads or email addresses. The new addresses are now active and can be used. The old addresses can also be used at the present time.
Email Address
Trevor Martin
Mark Terry
Peter Moore
Karen Haines
Membership Secretary
Trevor Carr
Newsletter Editor
Christina Keating
Rally Coordinator
and Bookings
Peter Thomas
Peter Lloyd-Smith
Certain pages of this website are reserved for Members of the Pilote Owners Association.
Members wishing to access these pages will need to contact the Secretary, Peter Moore, on giving
their email address and membership number.
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